Life of a Servant

Grieved and Broken

I fall to my knees

My Loyalty is tested

My love is stretched

Sacrifice is required

Faith is needed

My eyes blurred

My mind confused

Reaching for the impossible

I pick my self up again

Hoping for what I cannot see

Called to walk on troubled Seas

Loosing my focus

Sinking to the depths

Fumbling for His hands

Crying for relief

Encouraged to keep pressing on

He wipes the dirt from my face

Picks me up

Grabs my feeble hand

Puts my feet on the right path

Holds the lamp

Shows me true life

Gives me a second chance

Abundant blessing promised

My eyes focused on His

Scriptures to live by

His Spirit to refresh my soul

Lessons learned

New life to live

Prayers to protect

A future to hope for

Trusting in His guidance

I may fall again

He promises to pick me up

His commission before me

A plan not of my own

My life belongs in His hands

Wishing to be Great in His kingdom

I'll live my life as servant of all

by: Kjaere Friestad 2006

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