My Beloved

He called to me,
“My Beloved”
I looked down at the grime on my hands.
He beckoned me to draw near,
“My Beloved”
Though my feet sought a different path.
He offered me water, that I might not thirst;
Bread, that I might not hunger again.
Yet I salvaged amongst my waste;
I wallowed in piles of filth.

He came to me, “My Beloved”
My hands covered my eyes.
He sought me, “My Beloved”
Yet I resisted his gaze.
He prepared a Table before me;
He planned a place for me to live.
I gnawed at my hungry stomach;
I shivered outside in the wind.

He died for me, “My Beloved”
My pride began to melt away.
He tore out my heart, “My Beloved”
And He replaced it with His own.
He took my dirty clothes,
My tears, and my shattered dreams.
He placed them upon Himself;
Through Him my life was redeemed.

He lives again, My Beloved
And I hold firmly to His hand.
I draw near to Him, My Beloved
I travel the less worn path.
He quenched my thirst,
My hunger is filled by His words.
His sacrifice taught me how to love;
Now may my life mirror His.

written by: Kjaere Friestad


  1. this is beautiful KJ. great job! isn't his perfect love amazing? meets us where we're at....


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