It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching us... even in Carp. the air is crisper and nights are cold...
I wake up to find ice crystals on my car... and I love it :-)
Looking forward to these 2 weeks vacation I have and enjoying sleeping in time... it's beautiful...
I pray you are well and enjoying the season too!
(ok... the picture above is of me in Lake Tahoe, not Carp... but either way....
Praise the Lord for Carmel Apple Ciders and Beanies!)


  1. I have to admit I was perplexed at the location...I was trying to figure out if this was in the industrial park...but the building behind is too tall for Carp or SB codes!

  2. Shhhh... don't tell anyone... it's acctually the Harrah's Casino in Lake Tahoe :-)

  3. we won't tell....esp. don't tell Dawn since she's anti-blog now!

  4. Ok... so I just remembered more about this picture that was taken... my grandma was on the other side of that fence collecting as many pincones as she could! While me and my step-mom just stood there and watched ... It was pretty funny :-)


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