Rising and falling
Faces to the ground.
Hands raised in Holy Adoration.

Songs of worship and Praise
Falling from the lips of the saints.

Humbly they bow down,
Awed to be in the presence
of their King.

His Angels swarm around them.
Joining their voices,
Lifting their hands,
Singing their Praises to their Lord.

With sobs they leave their pain.
Lifted to their feet,
Being washed –
Made clean from the stains.

Broken hearts mended.
The throne room stormed with praise.

Crowns cast down.
Bodies prostrated on the ground.

The hush of prayers lifted on the
Wings of the Angels.

The Mantel falls –
The Mantel of Praise –
The Mantel of Worship.

The Saints singing:
"Holy, Holy, Holy, is our Lord, God, and King!"

Copyright 2006 Kjaere Friestad all rights reserved


  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    amen...beautiful poem...sweet verse...exonerating God...awakening the spirit...keep writing.

  2. Did you write this!? WOW!

  3. Mmm...to kiss towards...
    Makes me wish I were in the quietness of my room right now, instead of this busy classroom.
    Thanks KJ:)

  4. FYI, Angela has a sweet tune in the making with these lyrics. I'm pumped! great job KJ.


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