• I repeatedly hit my snooze button... again and again and again
  • Had a "nutritional" breakfast consisting of a luke warm (not by request) Carmel Machiato and an old fashion doughnut
  • Saw some giant Lobsters
  • Helped paint some paper dragons
  • Used water colors on a plexi glass easel
  • Proceed to get water colors all over my hands
  • Tried to successfully make 6, 3-year-old boys go to the bathroom and wash their hands (and not then "dry" them on the mirror, but actually use a paper towel)
  • Put 7 straws into Capri suns, and only messed up one resulting in it leaking all over the table
  • Ate a Handi Snack and a Pot Sticker
  • Gave a "million" pushes on the swing
  • Got splattered by a wet paint brush and bucket of water
  • Had a tongue stuck out at me when I insisted a little girl eat her "good" food first
  • Was slobbered on and lightly bit by a few preschoolers who thought it'd be fun to pretend to be dogs
  • Read a story about a Teddy Bear who got lost
  • Left work and rushed to babysit for my friends
  • I made monsters out of Play dough
  • Let a child make and eat a snack consisting of yogurt, bananas, and whip cream
  • Did a Hello Kitty puzzle
  • and then I came home....... wow.... when I look at it that way.... I've got a lot going for me!
Now to find time to do my homework and try to get the "Bubaba Bubbling" song out of my head and remember what it's like to be an adult in time for me to hit my snooze button again... wait... tomorrow's Saturday... oh the joy of looking forward to sleeping in :-)

"Bubaba bubbling, bubaba bubbling, bubaba, bubbling, bubbling over bubbling over. Jesus' love is a bubbling over, Jesus' love is a bubbling over, Jesus' love is a bubbling in my soul..."
hmmmmm... guess I got to work harder to get that song out of my head!

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  1. the saints singing, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God and King"

    There's a different song to be in your head!
    Enjoy your sleeping in~~~~!!!!


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