There's a first for everything...

So this afternoon me and


Decided to go to CAJE and get some Yummy smoothies. We do this often... I prefer the Orange Carrot and she likes the Strawberry Lemon.So we got our drinks and then I had to rush Zoe back to meet up with the people she was going to the Phil Wickham concert with,
and then I had to go pick up Jesse.
Apparently I was in a little too much of a hurry and may not have fully stopped at a stop sign, and suddenly I see this behind me:

And then a very friendly cop proceeded to give me my very first ticket :-(
I got lectured about how important it is to stop completely especially in small towns like Carp. because of all the kids on bikes.

Then 15 minutes later we were on our way again and we did successfully make it to the Phil concert without any further delay.
My... what a fun day!


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  2. Did you really take that shot of the lights?

    Cause if you did, that's strange. Like, in a good way, strange. I mean, who leans backwards to take a picture of a cops lights as they are getting pulled over? I'll tell you who does: PROFESSIONAL BLOGGERS DO!!!!

    That's you, Kjaere. You're cooler than all the weird knee movements by Phil.

  3. I have to admit... I didn't really take that picture... shhhh... don't tell anyone... and wow... thanks for the compliment... I've reached a new level of coolness :-)

  4. in answer to Chris's question...my friend Greg Lawler does! He is an AWESOME photographer...check out this photo he had the guts to shoot...


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