Ne How, Ma?

Here I am... yes, I am exhausted...
At the Wycliffe Bible Translators Conference... and I finally found Internet! Ha!

It has been amazing... my brain is hurting from all the things filling it... Phonetics, Grammar, Phonology, Mandarin Chinese (just wait until I come back, Sarah!) Apparently on Thursday our group (me, Matt, Amber, and another girl) are giving a presentation in Mandarin! That should be entertaining, to say the least. But very important... the word for "Avocado" is "Uh lee".

God is speaking amazing things into my life... and revealing stuff in my life that needs to be out of my control and on the alter.... Jesus is all I need...

Well, I'm here until Friday... can't wait to see what else the Lord has in store for me... Please be praying for me as I continue to seek God's will!

(And that we don't melt on the way home in non-Air Conditioned car!)


  1. kjaere! i'm glad you got a chance to post something. i've been wondering how your conference is going. :-) sounds like it's going well. i definitely want to hear all about your experience after you get home and have a chance to rest. :-)

  2. Anonymous9:37 PM

    welcome to my world kj!!! I'm so excited that not only are you learning about phonology and grammar but also chinese! You can be my lao shi! hooray!


    ps - i will be lifting you up also because I know that stuff hurts your brain! I've been there girl.

  3. Wow! That sounds fun and intense all at the same time.

    Two days ago my kids were lamenting at the lack of A/C in our car. So they prayed for it to be healed. I was kinda laughing about it... But, no joke, we had cold air for the whole ride home!!! Maybe ya'll could do the same!

  4. excited to hear what the Lord does! He's faithful to meet you!

    p.s. may i say you are looking slim and trim!


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