No more Bobbing...

Dawn and Tyler are in Israel and their kids are staying with their grandparents, so I have been left in charge of the household. My sole responsibility is to take care of Elie's salt water fish. I have fed and taken care of her fish many times before with no problem. Yes the giant shrimp still bug me and Moses the yellow fish that can't swim is still pretty emo, but I handle it.

One of the newest members of the tank is Bob... well really his name is Tanker, but Elie took such a long time in naming him that I felt Bob was sufficient because that's what he did, he bobbed around and we are certain that he was straight out of Star Wars, although Jim said he was from Sri Lanka...


Yesterday morning everything was great with the aquatic animals. I came home late in the afternoon, turned on the fish light like I always do and was talking on the phone with Kim and trying to make Banana Oatmeal bread when to my horror, I realized that Bob wasn't bobbing anymore, or moving, or breathing...

Bob's DEAD!

Jim, the amazing friend and fish guy that he is, is going to bring Bob Jr. on Tuesday and I sure hope he looks the same! Although, Jim did make ME take Bob out and put in a plastic baggie and "burry" Bob in the trash can.

Oh gosh... I sure hope that's all the excitment to happen in that tank while everyone's gone :-(


  1. good luck. Elie's tough to trick!

  2. Yeah...she's related to Dawn! Hey...did you know the history of Petie, Blanco and Jado...the amazing everlasting goldfish? She's been a a luck girl thus far!

  3. oh no! good luck fooling a kid who probably knows about every little spot and dimple on her fish!


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