Be our guest, be our guest...

Conversation between me and Abby on the way home from PreSchool:

Abby: "My name's not
Abby, it's Belle now and Aaron, my baby brother, is Chip!"

"Who's your mom?"

Abby: "She's Mrs. Pots and my Daddy's the prince!"

Me: "Who can I be then?"

Abby (thinking hard): "Ummm... well, I don't know... I guess you can be the beast!"

I don't know how I feel about that :-(


  1. ha-ha-ha!! She's so funny. Sorry about being the beast, but I guess that means we are the same person. At least she didn't make you one of the ditzy blondes that gawks at Gaston the whole time. Speaking of, I'm glad she didn't say you were Gaston!! I would never wanna be anyone who had "gas" in their name.

  2. Maybe you could ask her if you can be Lumiere or Cogsworth! Oh that is a bummer gig...keep in mind I have had to play the role of URSULA! So I'd choose the beast over that any day!

  3. Being the beast is funner than you might expect.
    Just get some tattooes and growl a lot:)


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