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Suspicious looking object in

Cameron Park rendered safe

By Denise Marie Siino | Democrat staff writer | December 12, 2007 16:31
CAMERON PARK - What appeared to be a large firecracker or homemade bomb found at the southeast corner of Cameron Park Drive and La Canada Drive in Cameron Park late Monday afternoon turned out to be a commercially made fountain-type firework, according to an analysis by the El Dorado County Sheriff's Bomb Unit.

'The fountain was about 8 inches long and was the type that would give off a spray of color on the Fourth of July,' said Bryan Golmitz, spokes-man for the Sheriff's Department. Because the outside wrapper of the fountain had come off, it was not immediately recognized for what it was, Golmitz said.

The firework was discovered around 3:30 p.m. Monday by El Dorado County Department of Transportation worker David Friestad, who was in the area for a job the DOT is considering.

'I saw it and walked away,' Friestad told the Mountain Democrat at the scene.

After receiving the call, California Highway Patrol officers arrived to direct traffic away from the intersection where the firework was located until the Bomb Unit could arrive.

'My goal is to get this dealt with before evening commuter traffic gets heavy,' said CHP Sgt. Joe Sherry.

As the streets began to get dark the Bomb Unit rolled up with the same Remotec robot used on Nov. 29 to disarm what was thought to be a pipe bomb found that morning along Highway 50 at 5 Mile Road. That device was later proven to be inert.

Under the control of sheriff's deputy Tom Bell, at about 5:30 the robot dispersed a water projectile intended to vent the object of its contents. Because of the firework's construction, the projectile demolished it. The streets were opened to traffic shortly thereafter.



  1. You must be so proud...I'm with your dad by the way...hmm suspicious object...yeah I'm gonna let the Bomb Squad do their heroic work on this one...I'm no Jack Bauer...

  2. That was my contraption.

    Merry Christmas:)


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