Must have Coffee...

I have reached a new level of Starbucks addiction coupled with the fact that I live in a small town....

I thought maybe just yesterday was special... but now it's happened two days in a row and I think it may continue if I keep it up at this pace...

Yesterday I walked through the front door of my Carpinteria Starbucks and by the time I got to the register, the Barista handed me my Grande Soy Latte without even having to ask me if that's what I wanted!

Today when I walked in, she simply asked me if I wanted MY drink and with no wait at all, there it was... wow... I feel special...

Ok... maybe I feel spoiled... but it's still fun :-)


  1. I have a similar experience:
    I have been going to the local gas station, and using my debit card to get gas. Over and over, it keeps asking me if I want a receipt without me even asking.

    Booyah! I'm popular at the gas pump.

  2. My... you are special


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