Wow... I feel like I've been through a war...
and I have the battle wounds to prove it: Well... it was a war... but Jesus has the Victory!
But does anyone know how incredibly painful it is to type when you have bruised the palm of your hand and wrist?

Must be time for me to veg and watch a movie...
and then it's off to the dentist again for me this afternoon...


  1. You poor thing!!

    I think this is the sorest I've ever been... from moving all that stuff! :)

    You did such a great job!!!

  2. very interesting bruise location for easter work. glad it was only a bruise and not nail piercing.

  3. Kelly: Yes, I totally agree... I never knew my body could be this sore!

    Andy: Ha... didn't even think about that! No... nail piercing wasn't the issue... a problematic ladder I was carrying across the high school's parking lot was

  4. Anonymous6:08 AM

    privet from Russia!!!!!!!sad bruising!


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