Blank Bucks...

Ok... so either Starbucks is pulling an April fools joke or they ran out of black ink...

not that I don't mind my cup void of the weird goddess women and random
"The Way I see It" quotes...

but my blank cup this morning did take me off guard and didn't seem right...

my Soy Latte was just not the same

*UPDATE: I questioned my Starbucks informant today and found out why my cup was funny... but I've been sworn to Starbucks secrecy... all I can say is: pay attention to your Starbucks cups next week ;-)


  1. should gone to coffee bean..

  2. I might prefer the blank bucks sans mermaid and strange quote on the back!

    Coffee Bean does have better workers though! Right, Aubrey?

  3. Ah now I'm really curious! I got some Starbucks this past Saturday. Actually, I still have the cup because I was bored and wrote all over it, decided it was pretty cool looking, so I kept it. But yeah minus the ink that I put all over it, I don't see any changes >.<

  4. Did you go to Starbucks today? No more green design cups anymore...

  5. if you use your own mug, you can save ten cents - and there's one less cup going to the landfill!

    addicted to starbucks and a tree-hugger, too


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