Blowing Dust and My Amazing Lord...

I love that the weather thing on the bottom of my FireFox page says this:

Blowing dust... just to clarify everybody, that is what the weather is today...

Anyways... I just wanted to continue on this random post and share with the world how incredibly amazing the Lord is... If you frequent this blog at all, you know I am dealing with major teeth issues that has resulted in me using all of these every night to tackle the cleansing of my mouth:

And in addition to that, I had hoped to have all my debt payed off by May of this year. Well May is almost over and I am now in deeper debt then I was in the first place. It's been touch and go for awhile
but I have been doing what I can and trusting the Lord.
Sure, it's easy to trust the Lord when everything is great and going your way, but when times are tough, that shows your true colors. And I have honestly had some rough days over these past couple of months.

Over and over again the Lord tells us to "Not Lose Hope".
That is what I have been clinging to although at times
I really did feel like all hope was lost.
Friday, I was driving home from Ventura around 6pm. The sun was beginning to set over the ocean, and the coast looked so beautiful. I was suddenly struck with the most amazing, overwhelming sense of peace and control.

I knew - not just with my head, but with my heart and ever fiber of my
being - that God was in control. It was as if He was sitting in the seat next to me telling me everything was going to be ok.
It was so beautiful and amazing.
I love that the Lord came to me on His time when my heart was ready as I was driving down the 101.

This last weekend the Lord was also
ministering to my heart the words of
2 Timothy 1:7
"For God has not given us a spirit of Timidity, but of love, power, and discipline."
So often in my life I have identified and been that timid person. I am shy, I hide, I don't like hard things. But that is NOT what the Lord is calling me to do or be. He has given me a Spirit of Love that I might love others. A spirit of Power, that I might be bold in His name. And a Spirit of Discipline, that I might represent Him in all I do and say and be under His control, not the worlds.

Those two things, in and of themselves, were amazing and I was rejoicing in who my Lord is in my life.

And then...
  • Monday: I received my economic stimulus check from the IRS
  • Tuesday: I was told by an amazing friend and pastor that half the amount of my 5 crowns was being taken care of and paid for
  • Wednesday: The Whites told me they were going to give me a raise for watching their kids next year, but that it would be effective immediately!
I am in utter shock and amazement.
To see the hand of the Lord working so tangibly in my life right now is so sweet.

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