Your job...

Ok people... we are down to the wire here... and I need your help to pull this off!
Today - I was prepped for my last two gold crowns to be put on July 2nd.

Your Job:


I have 3 possible teeth that at any moment could calm down or flare up resulting in the need for more root canals... Nobody wants that. Especially at the cost they come at. Just in case, my dentist has me holding onto a prescription of penicillin if I should need it in the near future.

In the meantime, the date has been set for braces to start on JULY 7th.

That is Phase I of braces... then I have Phase II and III the following 2 Mondays to put all sort of junk in my mouth including gluing something to the top of my mouth that I'm not too sure about.

So... I'm asking all you who stumble upon this blog,
to please pray for me, my teeth, and the wisdom to know how to get all these bills paid!

I'm sure glad my Abba owns the cattle on a 1,000 hills :-)

*picture does not reflect the teeth of the author

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