Phase I

See those lovely blue things squished next to my bling-bling gold crowned teeth?

Those are Phase I of braces: SPACERS.

They are these lovely blue rings (kind of like tiny rubber bands) put in between all my molars on the bottom and the top of my mouth to get my teeth ready for the cement and metal ones they will fix to my teeth next week to hold the appliance in place that will be glued to the top of my mouth... now doesn't that sound like fun?

I have no idea how I am going to eat... when I close my mouth, the rubber hits the rubber :-(

My guess is I won't be doing a lot of eating... more like slurping and swallowing.

Oh, fun times are ahead for me, I'm sure!

... to be continued...


  1. Ah I hated those. I got them like 3 times.

  2. I'd rather do weight watchers, for sure! But don't dismay, KJ. I spent seven YEARS in braces as a teenager! You WILL survive and you WILL be grateful....one day.

  3. caje all day now. smoothies for you and everyone but what is phase 2 and 3. i don't know but i am scared thinking of it.

  4. stay tuned for Phase II and III... a new episode every Monday in July

  5. can't relate....but I did have part of my eye chopped off. does that help?

  6. I feel your pain KJ! I remember the spacers. Take lots of Advil! It's all worth it in the long run

  7. Myles Morgan8:09 AM

    The gold teeth are really COOOOOOOOOL!

  8. oh kj! you go girl! i paid my dues! all i have to say is hang in there!!!!


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