Phase III

The Pendulum is in...

gosh... I guess my teeth really are crooked... look at that!

I now have this lovely device fixed to the roof of my mouth. My speech is funny, it's hard to drink a smoothie from a straw, and I feel like I'm slowly turning into a robot.

I'll have this for the next 8 weeks and then I get full braces (as long as my molars obey and move they way they should).

But there are some positives:
1 - I won't have braces when I'm in Zoe's wedding
2 - No more stupid spacers
3 - I've quit biting my nails
4- I don't have any sort of dental appointments for 8 weeks! I've been at least once a week since the beginning of March... this is amazing :-)

... to be continued ...


  1. kelly O1:07 PM

    Way to look on the bright side KJ!!!! :)

  2. um...that's a bit too up close and personal

  3. thanks Kelly and Juan...

    and Ange. at least I cropped my nose out of the pic ;-)

  4. Ah I remember how I talked with that thing for the first couple days. My sister was very amused.

    But after everything's done with it sure is worth it. My teeth were sooooo bad before.

  5. that looks like a LONG process in your mouth...
    but at least you've conquered the nail-biting!


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