A sticky lesson...

I was back at my job today babysitting Abby and Aaron. I love these kids... and I love them even more when God shows me things through them and uses these precious kids in ways they'll never know.

Today I was sitting with Abby while she painted at the kitchen table. Aaron had been eating a piece of toast with honey on it. If anyone knows a small child, you know the aftermath of anything messy... it's as much on their face and body as it is in their stomachs!

Aaron came over to me and climbed into my lap. He was just sitting there chatting away to me about something I didn't understand. All of a sudden he planted his cute, chubby, sticky, lips on mine and gave me a huge kiss. I laughed, which I think encouraged him, and he did it again... making my lips as sticky as his were.

This evening I was walking back from the beach. I have a lot on my mind and feel like my whole life is changing over the next few months. I found myself humming this lyric from a song "... Your name is like honey on my lips..." and then it all made sense.

I've always tried to really understand this song. What does it mean for the Lord to be like honey on my lips.? After Aaron kissed me, the taste of honey was on my lips for awhile. It lingered, it was sweet, it reminded me of that moment. That's what the Lord should be in our lives. You have intimate times with Him... and those times should linger, they should stick, hours later you should still remember what the Lord has done and who He is. Every word that proceeds from your mouth should be spoken with the flavor of honey on your tongue - the flavor of the Lord evident in your life.

The other thing I noticed as I walked back from the beach was that the honey taste was gone and I missed it. I licked my lips hoping the sweetness was still there. How do we keep the sweetness of the Lord in our lives? By maintaining a steady relationship with Him through prayer and His word... because... "How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!" Psalm 119:103


  1. Hey, this is myrrhia :]
    and i just wanted to say that this really really encouraged me, and made me yearn for the Lord's Word that much more!

    Praise Him for using such fun things to teach such amazing messages

  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Hey KJ!
    Thanks for sharing...you encouraged me and it was "sweet" !! :-)

    Love your blog!! Will read more later!!
    Good nite!
    Terri T., Stockton, Cali

  3. So encouraging friend. Thanks for sharing! Reading this makes me look forward to the Psalm 119 study even more.

    Much love <3

  4. amazing stuff! and this was only day 1!! I'm so excited for this coming year with our kids. :)


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