This week I have accomplished many things...

Got my FarFar (that's grandpa for all you non-norweigans) on Facebook:
Got my friend to finally get rid of her hotmail and move over to gmail:

Got this guy his guitar pedals just in time for him to play at the West Beach Music Festival:
and got a house ready for this cute couple to finally return home:

... then there's the whole thing with Keynote transforming for the reveal tomorrow at Reality Carp... but that's still in progress :-) I better stop blogging and get to work!


  1. I'm sad we missed the "Rebel Movement!" Can you imagine the little buddy fist pumping??? We just weren't feeling well enough to be out and about...WHAT IS UP WITH THE PEDALS!!!

  2. yeah, what gives? that's like a jedi forgetting his light saber.


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