The Redemption...

8 years ago I was getting settled into a new life in Santa Barbara. I had just run from a mess of problems and friends in Northern California. The first week of 2001 I had shocked my body with an almost deadly mixture of drugs. Here I was now, living with my grandparents. Angry. Blue hair. Strung-out. Struggling with self-mutilation (including cutting myself) and most defiantly needing Jesus.

Fast-forward to today. Dominic Balli has been shooting a music video for his song "Warrior". Not only have I had the privilege of being an extra in the video but they decided to use my room to shoot a scene of a girl, hopeless, needing Jesus, who struggles with cutting herself.

That was me 8 years ago! And the Lord has drastically transformed my life into who I am today. Joy-filled, lover of Jesus :-)

Praise the Lord. I gave Him my hurt, my pain, my confusion, my sorrow. And He has been so faithful to perform mighty works of healing and restoration in my life.

February 2nd will be my 8th birthday of a renewed and healthy relationship with Jesus. Amen and amen.

If you want to check out my testimony in full including my struggle with self-mutilation; visit: www.1kings18.blogspot.com


  1. He's really good. :)

  2. I think back to those early Reality days and what a mess we all were. Craziness! Praise the Lord! He has done and is continuing to use you in such amazing ways!

  3. kjaere. i knew all that, but i seriously am in tears how faithful our Lord is to complete that which he starts! How sweet of Him to remind us of where he has brought us, and use us to bring others out of that same darkness!

  4. The Lord is a Warrior indeed! He fought for you!!! Praise the Lord!

  5. Oh yeah and thanks for making me cry at work!

  6. Wow friends. Praise God for what He's doing in all of us!

  7. Girl, wow. what an absolutely powerful story for God's glory and your maturity. Thanks for sharing that!



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