Stop and be Overtaken

I left for a walk yesterday afternoon, somewhat unsure of my destination... I just needed to be alone with my thoughts and with my God. My Ipod played worship music in my ears as I drowned out the sounds of all that was going on around me. I crossed over the 101, I passed the Junior High, and further on past Reality Carp. (my church) and ended up at the beach, where I found my favorite picnic bench waiting for me to come and sit.
I sat there staring out across the ocean and soaking up the warmth of the sun. I had been feeling unfocused, confused, overwhelmed. But those moments sitting there at the beach, everything seemed to finally stop.

"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that He might lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." ~1 Peter 5:6-7

The God of the universe cares for Me... little 'ol me... sitting at the beach in Carpinteria. That thought seemed to melt some of the drama swimming in my head, away. I love the Lord. I read somewhere in a devotional last month, that the longer we are patient and wait for God to reveal His will and/or wait for God to work, the more glory He gets. And that's what I want to be all about, getting God more glory.

My friend called and asked if I'd meet her down aways at Jelly bowl (a different part of the beach). I walked through the campgrounds and over the cliffs to Jelly bowl and sat waiting for her. To my delight, out across the ocean towards the islands, I saw the tell tale signs of whales spurting water, and then watched as they breached the surface of the ocean. I like whales. Down near the tide pools, there was a flock of Pelicans... I like them too. All around me was God's creations... later I'd watch seals play in the surf, squirrels scamper up the hillside, my friend throw a handful of sand at me...

God is so good. It's important to have these times of sitting and soaking up all that He has placed around us. It refreshed me and brought a smile to my heart. Seems backwards that to keep pressing on, I need to stop. But in those moments when I stop, my eyes re-focus, and I remember the Lord is in control, and His will is perfect. Isaiah 64:4 tells us that God wants to act on behalf of those who wait for Him... it's an important lesson I'm continually learning... wait and see God move.

In Deuteronomy 28:1-2 it says that if we are obedient, then the blessings of God will overtake us... I want that. And how much easier for something to overtake you, then if you stop in your plans and see what the Lord is doing... Overtake me Lord... here I am... and now... back to the beach I go!


  1. good reminder KJ. I need to slow down & refocus too. beach is a good spot. for some reason, BBQ-ing sometimes helps me too. time outside to think i suppose...

  2. Me too. I love hitting up the cliffs on the mesa, because I don't have my laptop, books, camera, etc...to distract me.

    Good times:)

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  4. niki cox10:23 AM

    Pay J...you inspire me! What a heart for the Lord you have, i want more of that!

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