Cough... cough... cough... ugggg

Guess what... I have bronchitis and laryngitis... so basically I'm living a silent life of excessive coughing....

It is very interesting working at a school when you can barley whisper... The pre schoolers don't understand and just think I'm being silly. The second graders thought I was just pretending and tried to convince me to just speak normal... I tried... all that came out was a raspy sound that was almost a word but not really and then I coughed a lot. Imagine having the 2nd graders to yourself at recess with no voice to yell at them to line up? Or try to manage half a dozen 3-year-olds at lunch time all by yourself with no voice... It has been interesting times.
I can barely make it through a sentence on this blog without stopping to cough... oh the joy.
The saddest was one little girl who's usually my friend at the school who cannot handle me not having a voice and is keeping her distance... I tried to whisper to her that my voice would come back but it's hard to convince a 4-year-old of that!
Since the coughing wasn't ceasing and my voice not returning, I made a "fun" trip to see good 'ol Dr. Clark at Urgent Care in Carp. Thus my diagnosis of bronchitis... fun... To my dismay they made me wear a surgical mask... Suddenly my mind remembered images of the virus outbreak in
24 season 3
hopefully that Z pack he prescribed will take care of me and we won't have a matter of National Security!


  1. you deserve a day off! :) sorry ya got sick.

  2. whew..she said 4 year old...must not be our daughter giving the cold shoulder~you never know..."SARS" that your still sick! Do you remember when Abby used to say that for "sorry"....


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