Happy Mother's Dayzzzzzzzzzz

I have babysat gaggles of children in my life. I've experienced many things, handled situations, wiped tears, applied band aids, changed diapers... but the last two days have really given me a feel for what it really means to be a mother.

Now let's see if I have enough energy to finish typing this post...

My friends were out of town... way out of town actually, in Washington D.C. at a conference. So Thursday night to Friday morning, I was supposed to be with the kids. Thursday morning the 6 year-old had already thrown up once at Grammy's house so I decided to take Friday off of work, just in case. Apparently he was fine all day and by the time I picked him up at 2pm, he seemed perfectly normal (health wise that is!)

So we played, ate dinner, watched a movie, and I tucked the kids into bed. As I was tucking the 2-year-old in, we had an amazing conversation:

"Kj... I don't like monsters... they're scary... but Jesus makes them go away, right?"
I told her that if she was scared that she just could just say:
"Dear Jesus, please help me"
and so she did right then in her cute, soft, high voice.
Then she was quiet for a minute and was looking around and said:
"Jesus is Helping me, KJ!"
It was so cute! And for sure He was :-) I know Jesus was quick to answer that prayer with a legion of Angels.
Then I was pulling the boy's covers up over him on the top bunk, and the little girl started praying on her own:
"Jesus, please help me. Please make all the scary monsters go away. Amen."

That was definitely the highlight of my time there.

So, me and Zoe were thoroughly engrossed in LOST when the stomach flu struck. Praise the Lord it was only the older kid and not both of them, and Praise the Lord Zoe was there to help me out. From 11pm - 1:30am there was 3 bouts of puking, crying, stomach cramps, and the worst part was I was simply not his Mommy. I held him, I stroked his head, rubbed his back, but I know I could hardly be the comfort he really needed.

He finally calmed down and was able to sleep, and I cleaned what I could, and then got to bed about 2am. All of a sudden it was 6:30am and my little buddy was wide awake and thus the day began. Laundry, and cleaning, and feeding kids. I forfeit my shower and just plowed into it all. Grammy finally came to the rescue and picked up the kids at 1:30pm.

At 2pm I was ready to fall over. I don't remember when's the last time I've been so exhausted. And, I have to say, I have a deeper understanding, and empathy for all you mothers out there. I got to come home today, to my own room, take a nap, and not worry about feeding, bathing, and puking.

However... I would do it all over again in a heartbeat... I'm honored to be used, to comfort, to take care of, and be part of so many families. I love these kids (amoungst many others), and I'd take care of them through any number of situations to come... and I'm sure I will. :-)

P.S. --- Pray I don't get the Stomach Flu!!!!


  1. So, KJ...what's harder: kids throwing up, or Chris powerpoint, when Chris is in shambles, AKA, Shambalez?

    As for the stomach flu...
    Airborne vitamins!!!! The next best thing to the household toaster.

  2. Ohhh KJ!!!!! You are such a blessing! Reading your last paragraph is such proof of God's faithfulness and care for our family to provide such a wonderful servant as you to care for SOOOO many adorable (albeit pukey,snotty,pink-eyed)kids! I laughed out loud at the "forfeit my shower and just plowed into it all" That describes my life in a nutshell! Happy Mother's Day indeed! You are a great caregiver!!!

  3. KJ-
    You are going to be such an amazing Mommy! Thank the Lord for You to these families at such a time as this.


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