The Joy of Road Trips...

So... Friday me and my wonderful friend Zoe headed off to Hollywood to meet up with my equally wonderful friend Kim and then the 3 of us were off to the
Pure Worship Conference
where Zoe did an AMAZING job teaching a workshop and then later ushering people into the throne room, by the way... but that's getting ahead of my story here... ok...

So... Zoe and I are making our way with my little blue Honda ready to go... full tank of gas, gummy worms, Red Bulls, water... we were set to go... I thought.

As we were making our way up the grade before Thousand Oaks, my little car was loosing momentum, so I made my way over to the slow lane. Suddenly there is an awful, grading, noise; and for the 2nd time in 3 months, I got a flat tire! Praise the Lord I was in the slow lane, there was no traffic, and we were right at a closed Weigh station off ramp. We pulled over... sat in shock for a few minutes and then made some phone calls to figure out what to do. I had a spare but not a jack or tire iron.

But God's hands were all over this. Our other friends were heading the same way as us and had not past us yet and so 10 minutes later, a car full of 3 highschool boys and 3 highschool leaders came to our rescue. The boys sat and listened to music in the car while Ryan, Chris Lazo, and Jesse performed their "heroic" deed for the day.

They had a jack but their tire iron was too big, so Jesse tried for 5 minutes to flag someone down to see if someone else could help us. I can't believe how many people just drove by just staring at us. Finally someone stopped and He had a tire iron and was eager to help (thank you whoever you are!)

Now here is where it gets really funny... if you notice the picture above with my friends laying on the ground trying to fix my car, it could seem to someone else, especially with the other car that is out of the picture there, that there was some horrific accident. I wonder what the 911 call was: "I'm driving up the big hill and there are bodies under a car... hurry... send help!"

As we were about done, 2 huge firetrucks, lights and sirens on come screeching up to us. One behind us and one in front us us. We all looked at each other in disbelief and Ryan informed them that we just had a flat tire but everything was under control... oh wow... it was so funny!

The man who's tire iron we borrowed, also knew of a close mechanics who was able to fix the hole in my tire for $15 dollars and an hour later, after first getting the flat, Zoe and I were finally back on the road and off to Hollywood and an amazing weekend :-)

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  1. It's always convenient to have a greaser around:)

    ...and a youth pastor.


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