What I learned in Traffic School...

I just finished a very exciting couple of hours of traffic school online to take care of that little issue of the stop sign I didn't stop completely at.
And I learned 3 very important things:

1. Driver Distractions (Inside the Vehicle) - Automobiles are often equipped with cellular phones, CD players, fax machines, etc., which distract the driver from the road.

2. A handsome man or a pretty woman that distracts the driver often leads to rear-enders and exemplifies the need for the eyes to remain fixed on the road and concentrate on the task of driving.

3. Music is often stimulating, yet physical gyra
tions while driving can interfere and prove to be unsafe.

oh... and on the section about seat belts, we were shown this lovely family portrait:Now remember... no faxing, looking at pretty people, or dancing in your cars...
or your family may turn out like this too :-)


  1. Oh wow...that's worse than reading the dictionary.

    Last year I had to drive to Agoura Hills for an 8 hour session. It was delightful. But it did make me stop driving 95:)

  2. is it me or does that whole family (including the baby) have mustaches?


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