Eat more?!

So, as you know, if you've been reading this blog, I have been on Weight Watchers for about a month. I have been super stoked on it and been able to follow the plan really well.

I was so pleased to discover this week that
I have lost almost 20 pounds!

I have been super excited...
until I got this message from Weight Watchers today:

THANKS for logging your weight. You've lost weight since you last visited the weight tracker. You must feel pleased that those pounds are coming off!

However, we notice that you've lost more than an average of 2 pounds per week over three or more weeks. This rate is too rapid — it may be unsafe or unhealthy.

While we're proud of your achievements and pleased you're making changes in your life, we need you to concentrate on one more thing: You should slow the pace of your weight loss to no more than 2 pounds per week.

  • Make sure you're not skimping on POINTS. If you've been saving your FlexPoints try using some this week.

  • If you're exercising a lot, try to swap some (or all) of your bonus activity POINTS for food.
Have a great week!

So apparently... I'm loosing TOO Much Weight! I thought this was really funny... I haven't been trying to... if it was up to me, I'd be loosing more weight! As it is, I hardly have any clothes that are SMALL enough for me! Haven't had that problem in a long time... So.. I need to figure this gig out... I don't think many people can say that Weight Watchers told them to eat More :-) I must be special or something! To my defense, though, I was sick the other week and did fast for a couple days, so I'm sure that had something to do with it ;-)

Now... what should I eat...


  1. kjaere! that's fun. :-) your weight loss story makes me wanna do weight watchers, except maybe at more of a standard pace. :-) congratulations!

  2. Funny! How many people on a weight loss plan are told to swap exercise for FOOD! I can be a witness that you ARE eating.... :) Good job! You look great! Keep it up!

  3. Congrats sweet KJ! it's so nice to be able to see markable progress in our lives... :)

  4. 20lbs? r u kidding me? i gotta check you out! when are you gonna be home? i'm com'n by...

    awesome! good for you! keep up the good work? lose it too fast? who ever heard of such a thing? just ask Britt? ; >

  5. that's a good problem, eh?


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