Popcorn Anyone?

I like popcorn... popcorn and chocolate are even better!
Tonight I was going to watch a movie and really wanted popcorn, so being the good weight watchers girl that I am, I looked at the ingredients to figure out the points for some popcorn.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
Who eats 3 tbsp of UNPOPPED Popcorn?
That's the strangest thing I've ever seen! Are there really people out there who buy microwaved popcorn and open the package and eat the salty, buttery, hard, kernels? How bizarre!

Well thankfully for me, I enjoy my popcorn popped and seeing that 1 cup of popped popcorn is much lower in Calories then unpopped,
I think I'll stick with that!

(And in case you were wondering, 3 cups of popped popcorn is only 1 point!)


  1. How many points is 3 cups of unpopped popcorn? I prefer my kernels a little salty, buttery, and hard.

  2. I sometimes use unpopped popcorn to season my fries.

  3. Kim b.12:11 AM

    Isn't it hysterical some of the things they put on packages....lol.....have you ever turned over a frozen specialty cake in the freezer section, turned it upside down to read about it...and it says caution...do not turn cake upside down!!!!....oops....my bad!!!!! By the way....congrats on the continued weight loss....proud of your hard work. I struggle with staying on track....isn't it hard to live in this world...the temptations are everywhere....I mean can't a girl enjoy some good quality chocolate??? lol.
    take care, Kim B. ( from Shawn's and Phils and Raquels blogs....p.s....started my own on wordpress....it is Kimmyb's blog about nothing. You can access it from Shawns as Kim B.....if ya like.)


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