7 Random Things MeMe....

I have been tagged by Steve with the
7 Random Things meme.
I am supposed to post seven things about myself that are unknown by my readers. Then, I am to tag three others. So here it goes:

  1. I was a ministry intern in Southern Siberia for 3 months
  2. My hair has been completely dyed the following colors for at least 2 weeks or more each time: Blue, Red, purple, pink, white, orange, green (and sometimes some of those colors mixed!)
  3. I have never seen Sleepless in Seattle
  4. When I was young I wanted to be a Paleontologist when I grew up
  5. I own about 50 Nutcracker dolls (most of which are living at my Grandmother's house right now)... but I have never bought a Nutcracker doll for myself, they have been gifts since I was in 1st grade.
  6. I really want to learn how to play the drums and have taken a few lessons
  7. Although I grew up near Lake Tahoe and my family still lives in the area, I have never down hilled skied or snowboarded.
Now, I get to Tag 3 other people with the
7 Random Things MeMe and I Tag:

Jill at Teaching In Israel
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ok... my part's done... who accepts the challenge?

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