What's next?

Oh the things that have happened today!

1. I got contacts

2. I got Sunglasses

3. I got new
regular glasses

4. And I've been published!

Ok... so I was planning on blogging about my new eye wear, but then I got an email from Kathy Ireland's publisher,
saying my article was in the magazine!

Kathy Ireland approached me last year and asked if she could reprint the article I wrote about my testimony and cutting.

(Last year, I worked at the school her kids go to and talked about this subject at a parent meeting, in case you didn't know).

As of today it has been published in her online magazine! That's crazy! There I am, for the world to see! It's 5 pages long, which is a lot! Most of you have read it already, but if you want to see it, go here:



  1. kim b.2:39 AM

    Wow.....I am so excited for you !!!! First off....it is so fun to get new glasses.....etc. I love the frames..and the sunglasses are nice too. Is this your first time with contacts???

    Congrats on getting published!!!! That is amazing !!!!! I had not read your story yet.....it blew me away!!!!! Praise God for the work He has done and is still doing in you !! This truly will help so many young girls out there...there are far to many who are hurting in a similar way. Blessings, Kim

  2. Yeup... first go with contacts, and I love them :-)

    Thanks for the encouragement! I've been trying to get this published for awhile, and it's great to finally get it out there and I hope impact some lives.

  3. that is awesome, kjaere! i love all that god is doing in and through your life. i'm stoked on your article being published!

  4. Yay, Kjaere! That was an awesome article, I'm so happy for you!

  5. way to go on everything!

  6. Very well done, Kjaere Kobra Killer.


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