Spys and Tooth decay...

We've all had our suspicions that Tyler worked for the government in some capacity...

I mean, does anyone really know what he does, in his office at home all day?

We all think he goes on business trips to San Diego... which is probably just a code name for Fallujah or something ;-)

And now He's getting personal letters from our President? Good thing he's out of town and I intercepted the mail to shed some light on this... hmmm.... is he really in Hawaii right now?

Ok, Tybo... time to fess up... you're plotting to take over the world, aren't you?

And on a completely different note and update to my toothache issue... I went to the dentist today... and I'm pretty much going to owe my first born child to him... you name it, I need it done: cavities (like 50 billion of them), crowns (at least 4), braces... so much for paying of my debt :-(

If anyone has some extra money laying around and you want to donate to my newly started dental fund, let me know....
just kidding :-)

I know the Lord will take care of it, but this sure isn't fun :-(

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  1. the prez? yikes! i always knew he was up to no good.

    sorry about the teeth. wish i had wads of cash for ya...all i can offer is cute kids for you to watch. :)


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