Ok... something has been bugging me for a long time... and where else would I rant about, except on my blog?

I don't understand why we spell the word: GRATEFUL the way we do.
It really bugs me.
Why if we are: GREAT or GREATER,
would we not be: GREATFUL?

Whose idea was that... did they just not like the letter "E" where it was?
Thought it looked better after the "T" or something?

"HURT" becomes "HURTFUL"
But what's wrong with "GREAT"
becoming "GREATFUL"?

And for that reason, when we add "FUL" to the end of a word,
why don't we spell it "FULL"?

Maybe we could start a revolution and get everyone to start spelling thing the way that makes sense... if only I had a friend in the dictionary business.


  1. Well... That is because it is based on the Latin root (gratus) meaning pleasing. So it really isn't associated with the word 'great' it is just sounds the same.

  2. dawn is so smart! I'm just worried that this is going to spawn another blog about word ranting...

  3. I'm grateful for the grate in my fireplace. That's great. However, I'm not grateful for people that grate on my nerves. Not great.

  4. Kelly4:57 PM

    I think about this all the time too! :)

  5. Anonymous10:26 PM

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  6. I usually get pissed when people steal my work (the I'm Grate image was created by me) but in this case I'm granting you permission despite that you didn't ask for it only for the fact that I love the rant you put up with it.


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