I have a new war to fight...
or at least that's what my Dentist tells me...

As noted a few posts ago... I am undergoing some major dental work. I don't really know how many cavities I have, because I lost count when my Dentist was telling me.

So far I have had 2 appointments with him this week and at least 4 cavities filled... and that's just the beginning. Today was fun... he thought he was just going to do some quick fillings on 2 small cavities, but one of those "small" cavities apparently was hiding a porous field of multiple deeper cavities...

3 shots of Novocaine and 2 hours later, I was finally out of there and off to work... a bit late - Sorry

I think I hate the sound of the dental work more then the pain associated with it, all the grinding and scraping, ***shudder*** although, before I had that 3rd shot of Novocaine today, I had a pain I've never felt before that was like ice through my head... that wasn't too much fun :-(

I learned some interesting things today from my dentist, though.
Like the fact that the U.S. dollar is dropping, but
Gold is $1,000/ounce now which somehow could tie into some end times scenario especially if Canada, the U.S., and Mexico become something similar to the European Union...

And then he was telling me that he has a patient that's a deep sea diver who doesn't take good care of his teeth at all, but has never had any issues with his teeth and my Dentist thinks the salt water has something to do with it... interesting... who knows what else I may learn, because I sure will be spending a lot of time in that dentist chair...

OH! I did have a reason for this random blog :-)
So, my amazing Dentist, is doing a lot of this work for me for FREE... I would love to give him something in appreciation for all the labor he is putting in.... but what? Any thoughts or ideas out there? I am so grateful for all he's doing and so blessed, I wish I could do something in return.

Next week, I'm off to get evaluated by an orthodontist in Oxnard... and I have no clue how I'm going to pay for that work to get done... but Jesus does :-)

Ok... I'm sure you're tired of my ramblings....
head over to my
other blog if you're bored now!

And if you're looking for me, I'm either at the Dentist or Flossing my teeth.


  1. i agree about the noise pollution...i always bring the iPod! you'll learn less but feel better.

  2. How To Thank Your Dentist For Free Work, and Pleasurable Advise:

    Upon arrival to next visit, bring 1 King Size Butterfinger, and 1 Large Dr. Pepper for his consumption. The dentist always loves gifts, especially when relating to his/her field of study.


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