Princess, Nails, & the Jolly Green Giant...

I like Wednesdays... here's a few pictures from today...

If you're wondering who's on our roof... here's a clue at this link


  1. Cute princess, cute nails, cut pastor!

  2. okay...so now I know WHO is one the roof...now I want to know WHY?

  3. a pastor's got to do what a pastor's got to do... I was most impressed by the fact that he did it with no ladder... it helps to be tall I suppose...

    Oh... he was going after the Nerf missile things we had been shooting into the air... you might have to come over and experience it to understand :-)

  4. P.S.

    Your daughter painted my nails... she insisted that I have hot pink on one hand and sparkly pink on the other :-)


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