Thanks a Latte...

I really like making coffee drinks...
I'm glad I've learned how to do it...
but I'm also ecstatic to be done with my job at Lazy Acres
and to actually have a normal day off again!

No More telling people 6 items or less
(and yes that pertains to you even if you spend thousands of dollars at the store every year)

No more every Saturday of "My drink's too cold" lady
(after I heat her Mocha over 200 degrees twice)

No more people trying to take my tip money to make their change even
(pennies add up people!)

(don't get me started with that one)

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  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Yes Amen Sister!!! I agree!!!
    No more 6 items or less,
    no more deli managers eeeewwww grosssss and meaaaaannnnn,
    no more taking over shifts for sick people, no more moody Miguel =)
    geez,,,i could go on and on....but oh i will miss lots of things, too.....=)


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