Me and the Kids...

This afternoon started 4 days of me and these two hooligans hanging out...
Dawn and Tyler are off to the Veil Colorado film festival
to support/see Jud's (Tyler's bro) movie "The Collective" premiering.
I survived afternoon one, kids are in bed, and there's been no tears.

But there's been some fun times already...

And then there was:
-Myles sticking Ice cubes in his bean and cheese burrito because it was too hot
-Me having no clue how to help Elie with her 5th grade math homework (& she's in 4th grade)
-Myles prayer tonight: "I just want to pray that you'll get a boyfriend and get engaged just like Zoe"


  1. funny prayer from Myles! stay well.

  2. I miss them already....


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