Positive Post Tuesday

This is one of my buddy's... code name: Mush.

I have lived at his house for over 2 years and he never ceases to amaze me. His dance moves are off the hook, he loves to make me laugh, he fearlessly charges into any obstacle (litterally), and he has a heart of gold. He loves Jesus, his parents, and his friends with a beautiful child-like faith.

Friday he was playing tag and collided with a pole at school. This morning he had surgery to correct the damage. He's a tough little guy, but is quick to snuggle with you on the couch. He's very concerned about who I might marry someday, but wants to make sure if I do, I still get to live at his house :-)

And yesterday, broken nose and all, he beat me bad in a game of Nerf basketball.

Myles is an amazing human being and I can't wait until his nose heals so we can have another dance party.

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  1. Cute sweet little buddy!

  2. Hang in there dude! You can tell this story for the rest of your life.

    Good job taking care of him Kjaere!


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