Oh my sweet, loving, little, conniving, 19-year old sister...
She means well.... but all this hype from her about something "unexpected"... well...

My Dad and StepMom came, we had a nice dinner, we walked on the Goleta Pier (where I took this awful picture of the 3 of us!)

... and my Dad gives me 3 things from Nichole:

A Starbuck's card, a Journal, and a box of something called "Monkey Bread"... that's it... that was my sister's big surprise?
She wanted to bless me, which she did, but she could have made it a little less dramatic and stressful to me!

I had a rad and blessed time with my parents. My Dad told me he was proud of me, which was super sweet. And they are going to throw down a little money so Dawn and Tyler don't kick me out of the house for being delinquent with my rent ;-)


  1. monkey bread...clearly that was worth the hype?...er um...what is monkey bread...sounds like something Aaron would like...
    btw...I'm sure that this is code for something but I had to type kjaswj for word verification...hmm

  2. Monkey bread is super yummy! But definitely not worth the hype... So sorry friend...

    Phew - I guess I'll stop packing up your things that I was going to move out on the lawn. ;)

  3. at least it wasn't a bad surprise.


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