So, my Dad and StepMom are coming through town tonight. There's nothing unusual about that. They are going to Malibu with their friends like they do every year.

I am picking them up from the train station tonight and then going to dinner with them before dropping them off at their friends house in Santa Barbara.

And then I got this email from my StepSister who lives with them:

"hey- bye the way.. wait for when our parents come to see you- something unexpected is going to happen.... hehe and you have no clue. hehe-- I love this not you knowing everything."

WHAT?!!!! What does this mean?
What's happening? I won't know until after 6pm tonight
and it's driving me crazy!!!!

Do you have any guesses on what I am to expect?

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  1. maybe the unexpected is that they are "expecting". or maybe it's a iphone.


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