Eye, Eye, Eye!

For the last couple months I have been dealing with an annoying eye twitch in my left eye. If you know me personally, you know how frustrated I've been.
I've tried everything to get it to stop. Layed off caffeine, slept more, even tried drinking Tonic water which is thoroughly disgusting. Nothing was really helping.
But praise the Lord, the new electric guitar player at my church, is also an Eye doctor... who, by the way, gladly gives 50% off to people who go to the church. Seeing that I'm still trying to figure out how to pay off the 6 grand I'm spending on my braces, this was welcome news.
Anyways... as it turns out, my eye balls are slightly misaligned or something. Which would totally explain the twitch and random headaches I get. What this means is, shortly, I will be the owner of 2 pairs of glasses. One for my everyday wear and another for when I read or am on the computer (which I am about 90% of my day). 
Hopefully all will be fixed....
Random special fact about me, though. The Doc. dilated my eyeballs and then was completely in shock on how fast and big my eyes got! It's been 3 hours since my appointment, and this is what they still look like:
Luckily he gave me some "cool" glasses to help my poor eyes handle the light...


  1. yes. you need to wear these more often. I need to get me a pair.

  2. dude that's gnalry, that's what happened to me my eyes were misalligned and i saw double, i had to get surgery tho so be thankful ur not at that point

  3. maybe the 90% of the day is not helping?!


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