Tweet Tweet!

I get grief all day long for using Twitter. People just don't seem to understand it. The same people who are updating their Facebooks everyday, don't even get it.

The most basic explanation I can give of it, is it's like the Facebook status without everything else Facebook has to overwhelm you by. Just a status update pure and simple...

Now usually my Tweets are simple updates on my life or a way to let the world know to visit this here blog... but this last weekend I fell in love with Twitter even more.

There's a way in Twitter to make your Tweets show up in public searches. Now in my area there was a humongous fire. The local news didn't update adequately for me at all. However, search in Twitter for #Jesusitafire, and I was kept update and was able to link to all sorts of news and information. From people who suddenly saw fire in their backyard, to former firemen able to get close to the action. It was amazing.

So all that to say... don't hate on the Twitter people...
now excuse me as I need to Tweet that I've written a post about Twitter ;-)


  1. Now, I just got a twitter a little bit ago and I'm still totally lost on how to use it and what to do. How did you figure it out? I feel like I'm missing out on a lot that I could be doing with it!

  2. Soul sister - Twitter rocks! Never stop tweeting!


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